Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/14/3333316/apples-timid-new-ipod-nano-sidesteps-a-smartwatch-revolution

Nilay Patel writing for The Verge:​

Even TikTok watch band designer Scott Wilson was ready for Apple to upend his business with an actual watch. “I was hoping they would keep it the same or tweak it a little so we could stay in the business,” he told The Verge. “But if they didn’t I was hoping they would at least make an Apple watch because I want to wear that.” He’s genuinely disappointed. “The nano in that form factor gave me a reason to have three iOS devices on my body, and now I don’t.”

I actually have a TikTok watch band for my iPod Nano, and have been waiting to see what Apple would do here, like many, I hoped they’d go for some sort of syncing ability that would use bluetooth to control your iPhone from the iPod, or display notifications, but obviously, Apple has once again decided to reboot the iPod Nano instead.

This iPod has gotten so many reboots in its 6 years of life, It odesn’t know what it even is anymore..