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Ben Brooks:

The photos you take with your iPhone are, themselves, a lasting marketing tool for Apple to sell more iPhones — so it only makes sense that they spend so much time improving the camera with each version.

This is an interesting line of thinking.. And as Shawn Blanc said in his reply post:

As a consumer, I love that Apple keeps pushing the bar higher and higher for their iPhone camera because an improved camera is one of the things I most look forward to in getting a new iPhone.

And look at the Lock screen now. From there you’ve got two actions: slide that icon up to take a photo, or slide that square to the right to do anything else.

I actually made a similar comment to a office mate last year when iOS 5 came out and they introduced the new lock screen with the option of sliding to take a picture..

I’m also involved with a local company that does audio / video recording apps and hardware, so I’ve seen how much the iPhone camera and microphones get used by people, and how big a marketing move that is for Apple.

Many times we’ve convinced people who had no interest in Apple products that they need an iPhone solely for how much easier it’s camera would make their jobs, and they’re ran out and bought one each time..