I’ve just spent a summer using the Nexus 7 and decided to write a further review of it…

First, how do I use the Nexus 7?

I use the Nexus 7 mostly for consumption: reading, listening, watching, and playing.

I’ve found it good for game play, it’s portable, easier to hold in two hands for playing. The games aren’t entirely there compared to the iPad yet, but it’s getting there.

Reading wise, I’ve gone between Amazon, Kobo and Google Play, the experience is about the same for all three, and works well.

Listening wise, mostly Google Music or Rdio.com, and Google Music is nice on the Nexus 7, whereas Rdio is about the same as every other device.

Watching, I find the screen not bad for movies and videos, it’s a smaller screen obviously, but the resolution is good enough to play movies pretty decently, and you can stream it to other devices such as a Roku using apps.

In terms of case, I’m using this one from HipStreet, which is interesting.. Prior to this, I had been using an Amazon Kindle Fire case.

I also do some blog editing on it, using the DropBox app itself since it lets me edit text files directly, and the WordPress app when dealing with WordPress. I would like if the Tumblr app worked for the Nexus 7, as I also do some writing on Tumblr, but I manage, using Chrome to write posts via the browser.

My iPad isn’t getting replaced anytime soon, but I have found the Nexus 7 good for portability, and will continue to use it.