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Josh Topolsky:

To be as succinct as possible, recently both Gruber and Marco have accused (yes Marco, you made an accusation about us, no matter how dumb you play it in your Tweets) The Verge of covering products which resemble or outright boost the industrial design of an Apple product then purposefully withholding mention of this fact for some kind of gain.

To be crystal clear, they are suggesting that we are covering products which look like an Apple product, but avoid mentioning that they look like an Apple product on purpose. They’re suggesting we have ulterior and possibly nefarious motives

Josh has taken an interesting stance in this post..

I’m not a fan of personal attacks on other bloggers, but I do understand where he is coming from here.

Basically, since The Verge avoids drawing comparisons to how much like apple products other products look when complementing them, certain bloggers have started to criticize them for it.

Myself, I’d probably take a similar stance to defend my work and POV..

My biggest thing here is that he wrote this post on his personal blog rather than as a letter from the editor on The Verge..

Marco also posted his own response to this post here..