Original Link: http://techland.time.com/2012/09/04/one-year-later-the-ipad-is-still-my-favorite-computer/

Harry McCracken:

I’m pretty sure it’s not just journalists who are using iPads as computers. I see people doing it in airplanes. I’ve seen them doing it on the subway. When I’m out and about, strangers run up to ask me about my keyboard. Something’s happening here, and it’s happening quickly – and so I thought I’d update you on my experiences as of the one-year mark.

I use my iPad quite a lot too along these same lines.. Lots of times, I even use it for quick coding work while attached to a keyboard while I’m at a cofee shop.

More and more, the iPad gets used more than my MacBook Air for taking care of things. I find the single full screen apps work well for focusing on what you are working on at the time, such as a blog post, or a new module for an app, etc.