Some backstory, my dad, my brother and several friends I know all work in camps up north in Alberta..

One of my friends, was recently told that to get his pay stub he has to log in to their employee portal each week.

Ok, he thought, that should be easy enough right?

But, when he logged in and clicked to go to the area that handles pay stubs, the site breaks.. Completely, just a white screen..

He’s using IE 9 on a new laptop that he just got in May, and before you comment.. Yes, he has been told to use Chrome or Firefox..

In this case, Chrome and Firefox also have a white screen..

So he called tech support for the company that he works with.. And after they remote desktopped to check everything on his end.. Informed him that their employee portal was designed for IE 8 or lower and wouldn’t work
on newer browsers…

Here’s the kicker… The employee portal, was just launched over the past 6 months…

When I take a look at some global stats reports, I see IE 7 getting lower and lower on the list of web browsers, and IE 8 is also down there.. So why on earth would you design only for IE 8 and below?

You test for IE 8, I test each site I build to make sure it works in all browsers, but I don’t limit myself to just one version, I try my best to make it work in all browsers..