My daughter has always wanted a cat.. And not just any cat.. She’s fascinated with orange and white tabbies..

We had planned to get her one for Christmas, but we discovered recently that orange and white tabbies tend to go pretty quickly due to their personalities and are in high demand.. So we’ve been keeping our eyes open.

Monday, I was reading the local news site, and saw a 8 week old orange and white tabby listed as the SPCA pet of the week, so I quickly let my wife know, and by the end of the day, I was filling out paperwork to adopt..

We’ve owned cats and other pets before, in fact, we currently own a little maltese-bichon cross dog and 3 gold fish..

But we’ve never adopted from the SPCA before.. We bought our dog at the local pet store, as well as the fish, and the cats I’ve owned over the years I got from friends or family. So this process was interesting..

After filling out 4 pages of paperwork, I took my daughter to her Monday night Thai kwan-do class and waited for a call that we had been approved, which after nearly an hour, they called to say we were..

So now, this evening, we are going to pick him up.. My daughter thinks we are going to look at kittens at the SPCA, which we do from time to time, but she has no idea that we are bringing one home with us…

Should be an interesting evening..