Original Link: http://www.ironman.ca/

This weekend is the 30th annual Ironman race here in Penticton, and also the last one as next year it gets replaced with a different race.

For locals, Ironman means that for the week leading up to it, we have over a thousand triathletes from around the world come to train and compete, it also means that we can’t go very far on race day as the racers bike and run through the main streets of the city…

The course consists of a 4 kilometer swim, a 180 kilometer bike ride, and a 42.2 kilometer run..

This being the last one has been met with a bittersweet response, as it is the end of an era that has lasted 30 years..

The race that’s replacing it is newer, but also has roots in the ironman legacy so will be along the same lines..

But, people have long taken pride in saying they raced in Ironman Canada, now, they can see I raced in The Challenge…

Tattoo Artists make a killing the day after ironman as well, as competitors get their numbers and ironman logo tattooed to their arms to remember the grueling race they just competed in..

I’ve never competed, but I had thought that I might attempt it one year just to say I did it.. Now, it won’t happen..

But to the friends I have racing this year… Best of luck :)