Original Link: http://nickwynja.com/2012/08/09/why-i-m-not-chipping-in-my-50-to-app-net

Nick Wynja on App.Net:

The idea that App.net is proposing is a better Twitter: one that’s not built around advertising and is focused on making a better product for the users who pay for it.

Noble idea.


The core value from Twitter isn’t that I can use whatever client I want, it’s that there are interesting conversations happening there between people I respect. Fifty bucks is too big of a hurdle for any network effect to happen. The value of allowing developers to control the API is irrelevant if there’s no good conversation happening.

Caldwell has it backwards. I believe deeply in charging for a product but his emphasis are on the wrong things. APIs over conversations and developers over friends.

Nick has an interesting opinion on App.net, and where the $50 dollar registration fee stands, but I think he has some things wrong..

Right now, the $50 dollars is the entry fee, I can see them lowering this once they’ve got everything worked out, but it’s interesting to see how it’s been growing so far.

It hasn’t stopped the community from growing, but it has kept out spammers and fake accounts like you see on twitter.. In fact, one interesting thing I saw today was an account that usually posts heavily links to news every day on twitter actually asked the app.net userbase if they would like to see them do the same on ADN..

I did pitch in my $50 dollars and have been liking what’s been coming out of the App.Net community the last few days…

The API has allowed for some pretty good apps so far, and I’ve seen a lot of people pitching in advice and tips and testing and feedback for the apps, so that everyone gets involved regardless if they are developers or regular users..