Original Link: http://tapbots.com/blog/news/dont-panic

Paul Haddad of Tapbots:

There’s been a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt generated by Twitter’s latest announcement. I wanted to let everyone know that the world isn’t ending, Tweetbot for Mac is coming out soon, Tweetbot for iOS isn’t going anywhere. So sit down, grab a towel and let’s go over some of these API changes.

Sounds like Tweetbot has the API changes well in hand.

Today, Marco Arment posted a good question related to this:

The bigger question is what the rules will be in a few months or years, and whether the clients we like will be arbitrarily cut off when Twitter’s next big initiative starts, when yet another founder or CEO leaves or rejoins the company, or when their suits gather in a conference room with a spiderphone on the table and redefine their quadrants to better synergize their consistent experiences for their integrated revenue strategy with their real customers.