Original Link: http://www.readwriteweb.com/cloud/2012/08/my-month-with-a-chromebox-how-i-survived-without-windows-or-mac.php

Just about a month ago, I stopped wrestling with an operating system and learned to love the Web. Windows? Gone. My MacBook? Hardly touched. Instead, I’ve relied on a Samsung Chromebox 3 running Google’s ChromeOS for virtually all my daily computing needs. And I not only survived, I actually prospered.

Interesting reading, my wife’s been using a ChromeBook for the past year as her primary laptop (she has a Windows 7 desktop, but takes the laptop everywhere with her), and loves it.. So it’s fun to read other people using ChromeOS as well.

I like the ideas behind ChromeOS, it takes cloud to a new level, and in some ways, thanks to Chrome syncing, you can achieve some of this from different devices..

I can read a page on my MacBook or Mac Mini, and continue reading it on my iPad or iPhone or Nexus 7 simply by opening the app on the other devices and seeing what was previously opened..

And vice versa from something I open on a mobile device back to my MacBook or Mac Mini.

It would be more handy if the mobile apps could also use the apps I have bookmarked on Chrome, but still pretty handy..