Original Link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/jwherrman/welcome-to-the-new-internet-heres-what-it-looks

John Herman commenting on new content platforms like Svbtle, Branch, Medium, and App.net thinks that these service are out to fix the Internet:

So this is one, if not the, vision for the future of the internet, and a lot of people are dedicated to making it catch on. It’s an internet where every blog is Daring Fireball, where every post looks like Instapaper, where every discussion is led by its rightful leaders, and where ads are considered no better than spam. It’s barren but design-forward, and, at least at the moment, kind of elitist. It’s not clear how it’ll make money. Maybe it won’t! Maybe that’s part of the idea.

The new content platforms that are arriving are interesting, and John’s comments are as well..