Recently, I installed the Reading Rainbow app on my daughter’s iPad for her.

The app is free to download, and you get one free book, anymore books you pay a monthly fee for..

That’s fine, I signed up for her account and downloaded the free book.

Creating an account, gets an email introducing the app to you, the parent and telling you why you should upgrade to a paid account..

In 24 hours, I’ve gotten this same email 5 times..

Seriously? Is it really necessary to send the same email so many times in one day?

I was actually close to upgrading as my daughter loves reading and this seemed like a great app.. But the repeated emails just really serves to drive me away from it..

In fact, I’ve since uninstalled the app, which is a shame as it looked nice and my daughter loved it while she played with it today, but the guys behind the app are just too pushy for my liking.