Original Link: http://www.castanet.net/news/Central-Okanagan/79087/Smoked-out-by-Siberia

Jennifer Zielinski writing for the local Castanet news site:

It may be forest fire season but the smoke in the Okanagan Valley is not from a local wildfire.

The lingering haze has blown over the pacific from Siberia.

Fire information officer Keven Skrepnek says the smoke is from the same wildfires that were burning in Siberia over a month ago.

“It’s actually getting caught in the jet stream and then once it hits our shores, it starts to do an inversion and gets trapped in the valley bottoms.”

I actually noticed it was pretty smokey driving home today, and hadn’t heard of any bad wild fires happening right now (we had one two weeks ago though).

Reading the local news site, turns out we’re seeing smoke in the sky from wildfires all the way over in Siberia..

Interesting that smoke can move that far over the entire pacific ocean and inland like this..