Original Link: http://blog.macromates.com/2012/textmate-2-at-github/

This had been talked about for a few weeks now, and today Macromates announced that TextMate 2 has been open sourced on GitHub..

I tried TextMate when it first came out, but then jumped to Coda and later to Coda 2.. I’ve also played with Sublime Text 2 and Chocolat, but Coda was always more my editor of choice.

I was looking forward to TextMate 2 though, and used the buggy alpha that was released last year.

I also know several other developers who are die hard fans of TextMate, and with TextMate 2 open sourcing, they take this as a sad day..

I think Ben Brooks said it best:

As for TextMate 2 and its future , this presents an interesting crossroads for the app. Either it will languish in development and interest and become but a blip in Mac nerd memory, or it will be rapidly worked on with the potential to become the best open sourced text editor for the Mac.

The latter is probably not likely, but I still irrationally hold out hope that the latter is what occurs.