Original Link: http://store.apple.com/ca/browse/home/shop_ipad/ipad_accessories/cases#m.tsFormFactor=smartcase

In June, Apple quietly released the smart case for iPad, and I decided to try one..

I currently use the smart cover for my iPad with a plastic cover for the back, so seeing a full body case with smart cover functionality was something I jumped at.. Until I actually put one on my iPad..

And I have to say that It’s probably one of the worst products I’ve seen apple make..

When you put it on, it feels like the original iPad case for the iPad 1, except it also has the magnetic capability of the smart cover, and combined.. They are not that good..

First, the case goes on so snug that you almost feel like you have to crack the iPad to make it fit.. And then when the cover closes.. If you don’t have nails, then good luck getting it open again easily to use the iPad..

And then there’s the feel of the case.. It has the same texture as the original apple iPad cover, which is fine, but just somehow feels wrong on the current generation iPads..

In some ways, it might be a perfect case for kids, as it protects the iPad that way, but in other ways, I just can’t help thinking that there was a reason that Apple released this case quietly..

And this is coming from a long time Apple fanboy, who uses Apple products every day for their design aspect..