Original Link: http://www.mophie.com/v/outride.html

Mophie is usually known for their battery packs, but today they’ve come out with a accessory that’s meant to stand out…

Mophie’s newly introduced Outride comes in, which clearly — and as the company’s quick to point out — takes a heavy cue from GoPro’s action shooters.

All inspirations aside, though, the Outride iPhone companion’s pretty well-stacked on its own, with Mophie offering an integrated polycarbonate case / mounting system that features waterproof and high-impact protection to help the daring folk during those intense, rush-filled adventures.

Additionally, Mophie’s taking things beyond the hardware and also announced a free application to pair alongside the Outride unit; this will give people a place where they can create a profile and share their video recordings with other riders. The outfit’s pricing the iPhone 4 / 4S accessory starting at a peaceable $130, and it should be up for grabs around “mid-September.”