Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2012/8/1/3212266/google-play-android-app-policy-change

Jeff Blagdon for the The Verge:

Some changes to the Google Play store look to improve the experience for users by clarifying rules around things like spam, ad behavior, and cancellations under in-app subscription billing.

Google outlines the changes to its policies in an email to developers posted by Android Central, explaining that it will be cracking down on app names and icons that are “confusingly similar” to existing system apps, as well as giving more guidance about what violates its spam policy and what kinds of dangerous products (like apps that disclose personal information without authorization) aren’t allowed on the store.

The changes also clarify that while users still aren’t able to get refunds when they cancel a subscription mid billing cycle, the relevant content must continue to be provided until the cycle ends.

Google making an attempt to clean up the Play Store to get rid of some of the apps people have been complaining about for a while now..