Original Link: http://heydave.org/post/27681989546/the-just-look-at-it-hack-to-problem-solving

This past week I was faced with a difficult problem. A really difficult problem.

In fact, it was painfully difficult. And I was struck with a flood of emotions: fear, anxiety, despair, etc.

I just wanted to sleep and not deal with it.

But instead, I did the “Just look at it” hack.

This is a way I’ve approached problem solving for a few years now… When faced with a challenging problem, don’t try to solve the problem with raw effort, rather, just stare at the problem and let your brain do the work for you!

A lot of coders run into this as well, sometimes we put on headphones and let our brains work out a particular tricky piece of code while we listen to music, or we multitask and look at another section of code while deep down, our brains are still working out the best solution for the previous challenge.

It’s nice to see someone else putting this in words..