Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2012/7/20/3172222/google-buys-sparrow-mail

Thomas Houston writing for The Verge:

Third-party email app Sparrow just announced that it’s been purchased by Google. This morning, Dom Leca posted on the Sparrow blog that the company has been acquired by Google, and that they’re joining the Gmail team to “accomplish a bigger vision.”

I’m of mixed feelings on this, I use Sparrow daily for connecting to my gmail accounts, and also use the iPhone app (despite not having push notifications). The last time Google acquired a decent mail app, it disappeared off the store and nothing came of the app they bought.

Hopefully, this is a positive note and Google uses the tech from Sparrow to build an awesome mail client finally..

And yes, I already know Sparrow itself will go away, but we’ll see what becomes of their technology