Original Link: http://amzn.to/OJGyOE

Recently, I decided to build another cigar box guitar, you can never have too many guitars, and each of these has a unique sound based on the cigar box used. But this time I decided to take a different path and try from a different supplier.

It was recommended by a few other cigar box guitar enthusiasts that I take a look at this kit from Amazon, so I decided to order it and take a look.

For only 39.99, the price is hard to beat, and the kit has everything except the neck, which is a 1” x 2” x 34” piece of wood that you can get at Home Depot or any lumber / hardware store.

Other than the neck, it comes with:

  • 1 paper-cover cigar box that is the right size for a cigar box guitar
  • 3-string set of Acoustic Medium strings
  • 3 open-gear tuners with bushings and screws
  • 8 shiny brass box corners with screws
  • 4 1” screened brass grommets for use as sound hole inserts
  • 2 3/8” x 1 1/2” threaded rod lenghts for use as the nut and bridge
  • 1 bass tailpiece hinge
  • one 26-page assembly instructions booklet with detailed photos and easy to follow instructions.

There is a little work involved in building this cigar box guitar, but it sounds great once built, so I want to pass on the recommendation that you definitely check this kit out if you’re in the market for a cigar box guitar.