Original Link: http://notes.theinterviewr.com/post/26583681082/install-theinterviewr-direct-on-your-chrome

I’m trying a couple experiments with TheInterviewr currently, first I made it so that instead of signing up for an account, you can also choose to log in via your gmail address, using Google’s Centralized login system.

Second, I’ve added a bookmark for TheInterviewr to the Chrome Web Store, so that you can click and add a bookmark to TheInterviewr direct to your dashboard in Chrome.

Both of these are just out of curiousity, I wanted to see how easy it was to integrate google openid into a web app (really easy), and I wanted to try out submitting apps to the Chrome Web Store, since 1, I actually use the Web Store, and 2, I have a few projects coming up with clients that want to integrate into the Web Store as well.