Every year here in Penticton on the last weekend of June, things get pretty busy, as two distinct groups of people come from all over North America for a weekend of fun.

First, is the annual Peach City Beach Cruise, with cars of all sorts being brought from everywhere to be displayed, auctioned and drooled over.

Second, is the annual Elvis Festival, where Elvis tribute artists come from all over to perform and compete throughout the weekend. This is actually an event that is considered a big deal around the world with professional Elvis performers, and is considered a stepping stone into the big Elvis competition held in Memphis every year.

All professional competitors at the PENTICTON ELVIS FESTIVAL will be battling to finish first so they can win the automatic entry into the final round of the ULTIMATE ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST COMPETITION – held during Elvis Week 2012

Myself, I’m a fan of the Beach Cruise, but my daughter loves watching the Elvis performers sing around town, so I’ll end up spending my weekend taking in both events.