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You know the story.. You pack your iPhone or iPad charger, and cable, and sometimes multiple chargers and cables..

The Rewind by Moshi is a simple and efficient solution to this. It eliminates the need to carry multiple USB wall chargers and solves the problem of only having access to one wall outlet, especially when traveling. It comes with an Apple charge cable that includes protective caps for both ends of the cable. You can also plug any other type of charging cable that uses USB on one end into this too.

But the feature that gives the Rewind its name is its ability to have the included Apple charge cable wrap around the device internally for storage. The cable can also be used while it is still partially wound around the Rewind.

If you’re looking for a simple, effective, compact dual USB wall charger that keeps track of your charge cable and can charge any two of your gadgets at the same time, then I recommend that you check out the Rewind from Moshi. It might just be the right fit for you.