Original Link: http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/economics/it-all-began-with-a-strange-email/

Yanis Varoufakis recounting how we went from being an academic economist to helping Valve create a fluxtuating virtual economic system in its games:

When I read the opening line of the email in question, my finger almost pushed the delete button:

“I’m the president of a videogame company (www.valvesoftware.com).”

I thought to myself: Oh, not another “business proposal” from a crackpot… However, something in my head stopped my finger from pressing DEL while my eyes pondered the next line:

“We are running into a bunch of problems as we scale up our virtual economies, and as we link economies together. Would you be interested in consulting with us?”

I was intrigued. The finger retreated from the keyboard’s right hand side and I read on:

I find it interesting and exciting that video game makers are actually bringing on people with real world knowledge of systems to grow them properly.

Most game companies just create a simple economic system of earn gold, sell gold, store gold, etc..

But actually having a fluxtuating and growing economic system helps the game environment as well as the players.