Original Link: http://refer.ly/abeP

I played with this little tablet a few months ago, but now that it has Ice Cream Sandwich, I was sent a new review unit.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and it’s still waiting for Ice Cream to be installed.

The A100, is a nice little tablet, that is good for reading, browsing, and note taking. I’ve also found it handy for playing some games.

This little tablet makes a nice reader, and it has a decent camera for skype calls as well.

This is also my first time playing with Ice Cream Sandwich heavily, and saw a big difference between when I played with this unit last February.

The little refinements make Android more usable for me, and the Kobo and Kindle apps are also handy.

This tablet also comes complete with a micro-HDMI port, micro-USB port and SD card ports. This is an improvement over the Galaxy Tab 10.1, where you have to plug attachments into the device to use them.