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Designed to Impress.. Type in Style.. The perfect partner for the Ipad

I recently decided to try out the ultrathin Keyboard Cover from Logitech on recommendation by other bloggers… And I like it!

This keyboard is convenient for carrying around, it magetically locks to your iPad like a smart cover and once you reach your destination, you just unsnap it and sit the iPad in the docking area.

I usually use the Origami case which I’ve mentioned before, but this time, I was looking for something that was just a little less hassle for carrying around.

First, I still really like the Origami, and it will probably stay my main keyboard case, but the Ultrathin is a thing of beauty.

The keyboard matches the iPad nicely when closed and when open. It’s silver back goes with the iPad just as nicely as the black keyboard goes with the iPad’s front screen.

One thing that took getting used to, I’m used to the keyboard being back a little further from the keys, but that didn’t take long to adjust to.