Original Link: http://noamschwartz.tumblr.com/post/24558058981/hacking-through-airtime-to-promote-your-startup

Morning time, still in bed reading tech news headlines about the recent launch of Airtime. I waited for this a long time and couldn’t wait to see how they built it. One hour later at the office I finally sit down to play around with the new toy. Everything seems beautiful and right and I didn’t expect anything less. I Hit “Talk to someone” and wait to see what’s next. Judging by the interface’s resemblance to Chatroulette, you can guess what I was expecting to see. All of a sudden this familiar guy shows up on my screen. “Hi, I’m Gary Vaynerchuk, how are you?”


Interesting reading about Noam’s first day spent playing with airtime and the various people he encountered.