Original Link: http://ryancarson.com/post/24189617898/taking-advantage-of-kids-for-profit

We recently installed FarmStory on our iPad and after watching our 4-year old play it, I believe they’re taking advantage of children to spread their other game titles.

After you play the game for a bit, a huge poster board appears on your farm (WTF?) that asks you to install another one of their games (Pet Shop Story, in this instance). 

The only way to get rid of the stupid thing is to click on it which brings up a modal window that says “Would you like to install Pet Shop Story?” with a “Yes” button. The “No” button only appears after about three seconds.

Ryan makes some interesting point in this article which I’ve mentioned before about how mobile game makers are targeting kids. They do this Modal window or they try to trick kids into doing in-app purchases, the smurf village game was really bad for that.

On Kaitlyn’s iPad, We’ve actually blocked in-apps purchases from apps, so that our daughter won’t accidentally purchase anything, and it’s been handy.