Original Link: http://daringfireball.net/linked/2012/05/25/facebook-camera

John Gruber:

So the Sofa team got to Facebook a little under a year ago, and I’m guessing, soon started work on Facebook Camera. A year ago, building a Facebook version of Instagram sounded like a good plan. “We should have an app like Instagram for taking and sharing photos on our social network”, more or less.

But after another year of growth, I think Mark Zuckerberg saw that an app was not enough. Instagram’s own fast-growing social network was a threat. That their own well-made, well-designed Instagram-like app was on the cusp of release made no difference.

This is an interesting topic, just weeks after buying Instagram, Facebook launched their Facebook Camera app, to compete with Instagram…

This seems almost like a forgotten project.. Like they had assigned the Sofa team to build the Camera app.. Then forgot about it until after they’d spent a billion dollars and then remembered.. Oh wait.. We’re about to launch an app in the same market..

I don’t use either anymore.. FaceBook Camera is too crowded.. and Instagram i uninstalled after the purchase, but still interesting..