Original Link: http://www.netmagazine.com/features/tips-and-tricks-retina-images-responsive-web-design

Christopher Schmitt:

I’ve seen the future of websites and apps, and it’s in 300ppi resolution. As of this writing, only the latest iPhone and iPad have these Retina displays, but they’re coming in as fast as computer manufacturers can get them made. 

Since we have come from a history of building at 72ppi or 96ppi resolutions, this schizophrenic resolution issue is one that will persist for years to come. For remedies, let’s think out of the box for the issue of delivering adaptive or flexible images without having to be concerned about their visitor’s resolution.

This method Christopher explains here, using font symbols and font icons to resize images is an interesting approach… It’s actually an approach I use on TheInterviewr, so when I saw him talking about it here, it was worth posting it.