Original Link: http://www.zurb.com/article/982/a-new-take-on-responsive-tables

Interesting take on the problem of responsive tables…

We looked at the current state of responsive tables, and we weren’t happy. Today we’ve released a new playground piece, with a new, awesome take on responsive tables.

If you’ve ever tried to make large data tables work in a responsive design, you know what a pain they can be. Tables have a magical property that says they can never be so small that parts of a word have to be cut off — they can’t overflow. That means that, when your design shrinks down for the width of, say a smartphone, large data tables will ensure your design doesn’t actually shrink all the way down. It sucks.

We wanted to try and do better, so we got to work on a responsive table implementation that would meet three criteria:

  • Doesn’t break responsive layouts
  • Doesn’t unnecessarily hide table data
  • Still allows you to compare rows with a key column