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I picked up the Gerber Steady Tripod Multi-Tool last week since it looked interesting.

Gerber Steady Tripod Multi-Tool

This multi-tool for the digitally-connected nature lover features 12 components, including both a fine and a serrated blade, bottle opener, pliers and wire cutters, screwdrivers.

But it also serves as a tripod for your camera and/or iPhone thanks to its screw-on attachment joint for your camera or a suction cup to mount your iPhone with.

Now you can use one tool to protect yourself from a wild boar, film a quick YouTube video after your hunting expedition, and then snuggle up to a nice Netflix video by the campfire.

So how have I found it after a couple days?

Well, the tripod functionality is nice, really nice, and very handy.

I’ve found the suction cup works best when you use your phone either not in a case, or in a non-rubberized case, such as the Case-mate barely there case. Where the tripod really shines though is
when you use it with a Glif+ from studio neat.

Replace the suction cup attachment with a glif, and you can then set your up phone nicely. Even better, add an Ōlloclip to the mix, and you have a nice portable iPhone setup.

Any cons?

Mostly, my biggest con has been that the handle is plastic, and some of the tools are a little hard to get out with your fingers. But I’ve found the tools are easier after a little working, so not a big con.

Recommend to others?

Absolutely, I highly recommend this to anyone who is an avid iPhone photo nerd who wants a nice portable toolkit to carry around including a handy tripod.