Original Link: http://www.manton.org/2012/04/icloud_vs_the_web.html

Nice article by Manton Reece on what iCloud is, and isn’t, good for:

For iOS backups and iTunes Match, iCloud is fantastic. For private, app-specific data that doesn’t make any sense away from a single developer’s native Mac and iOS apps, it’s also excellent. There’s no question that using Macs, iPhones, and iPads today is a significantly better experience thanks to iCloud.

But there are two fundamental limitations in iCloud that make it inappropriate for a bunch of syncing uses:

  • No way to access it from other platforms or web apps.
  • No way to share data between apps from different developers.

I don’t expect Apple to change this. Again, for what iCloud was made for, these limitations are fine. It simply means that iCloud cannot replace web APIs that do solve these two problems.

I absolutely agree with his statements. And a good example is iOS/Mac text editors.

I use Byword to update this blog, and using Dropbox for article storage lets me update articles on my mac, iPad, or iPhone from anywhere.

Whereas using iCloud with Byword would let me keep my articles in sync across the devices, but I wouldn’t see iCloud documents in LaunchBar’s recent documents list, and more importantly, documents synced via iCloud are only available in Byword.