Original Link: http://www.studiopress.com/design/retina-display-design.htm

Interesting read on designing for retina displays…

When Apple introduced the iPhone 4 and its Retina Display, they stopped measuring the screen in pixels and started measuring in points.

Each point is actual four pixels. The display blows up each pixel 2 times its size so that the physical dimensional size of the graphic stays the same — whether you are looking at it on an iPhone 4s or an iPhone 3gs.

This is important because if they hadn’t doubled every pixel, everything would have been too small to see properly. You didn’t want to have people squinting, pinching and dragging to see things they had no problem seeing before.

But it also created a new problem, because we know what happens when you start duplicating pixels and enlarging graphics — they get blurry. They get blurry fast.