Original Link: http://theiconmaster.com/2012/04/the-easy-way-to-get-ios-screenshots-on-your-mac/

Clever trick by John Marstall for getting screenshots on your mac from your iOS device…

In my iOS design work, I take a lot of screenshots for the purpose of measuring distances between elements. To quickly get an iOS screenshot onto my Mac, Image Capture used to do the trick. Then, with the upgrade to iOS 5, Image Capture became flaky for this purpose. I filed a bug report, Apple tried to address it; but the process remains iffy.

I gave up on Image Capture and used Dropbox. But if you’ve used Dropbox for this purpose, you know it involves several steps: launch the app, tap the Uploads tab, tap the add button, tap the photo, etc. etc. It works, but it wasn’t convenient enough.