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I’m an avid iPhone Photographer, and I love tools that let you enhance your pictures. The ōlloclip was one such tool that came along and I had to pick up and have really been loving it. The macro and wide angle lenses are just great and make the already stellar camera in the iPhone 4S that much better.

So how have I found it after a couple days?

I love it, I’ve been using it all over since I picked it up, hockey games, my daughter’s birthday party, various other events. It’s handy to whip it out of a pocket, snap it onto my iPhone and take some pictures.

Any cons?

My only con has been the wide-angle lens likes to come unscrewed from the macro lens. So you’ll need to be careful when you take it out of the carrying bag. Otherwise, this is a solid product that’s useful for anyone who wants to take picture with their iPhone.

Recommend to others?

Absolutely, I highly recommend this to anyone who is an avid iPhone photo nerd who wants a nice set of lenses to enhance their pictures anytime.