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Interesting perspective..

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, regarding this week’s news about Windows for ARM:

And this is why Apple should be worried. So far I’ve been concerned that WOA would offer a cut-down, Fisher Price sort of Windows experience. It would look at a bit like duck, quack something like a duck, but actually be more of a platypus than a duck, and that ultimately this would be its undoing. But now I realize that I was wrong. WOA looks like Windows, quacks like Windows, and is Windows. Microsoft has pulled off what it promised, and has taken its desktop OS and put it across multiple platforms and onto various screen sizes. This changes how we look at tablets.

Apple has maintained a gulf between the Mac OS and iOS on a number of fronts. While we’re seeing some unification (in many ways with the migration of iOS features into the Mac OS), you can’t argue that there’s still a big chasm between the two platforms.

This is a recurring theme. Someone does something different than Apple, has some success with it, and pundits like Kingsley-Hughes start arguing that Apple needs to change course and do what the other guys are doing. Exhibit A: the Kindle Fire. It’s selling well — nowhere near as well as the iPad, mind you, but it’s not collecting dust in warehouses like most other tablets are — prompting some to argue that Apple “must” release a $250 7-inch tablet too.

Now we have Microsoft taking a very different approach to managing the difference between traditional PCs and touchscreen tablets. They’re going with a “one OS for all devices” strategy; Apple chose a “different OSes with specific shared concepts for each type of device” strategy.