Original Link: http://www.marco.org/2012/03/25/not-cloudy-enough

Interesting article and a couple points of view that make sense…

Will Hains on the clunky experience of having to re-enter credentials in apps when setting up a new device, using Instapaper as an example:

That might not sound like a big deal, but I had to repeat this process, racking my brain to remember all those IDs and passwords, for every single app that has a cloud service. And these days, that’s nearly all of them.

As a counter example, take Instacast. When I opened the app after a fresh install, it prompted me to sync with iCloud. And when I did, all of my podcast subscriptions, played/unplayed status, and even track positions were synced instantly. I was listening to my favourite podcast, right from where I had left off, in seconds. It was a fantastic user experience.

So why don’t more apps do it like Instacast? My first thought was that Instapaper has a web-based component to its service, so it needs a user ID and password. But why not store that in iCloud?

I’ve thought about this before, and I really don’t know what the right solution is.