So this blog has changed yet again.. And in more ways than one..

Originally, it was running WordPress which I use on my other Content related sites, but I decided to kind of spice things up a bit and switch to an entirely different platform.

So now, it’s running Second Crack, a static-file blog engine that actually handles nicely after some modifications.

This blog has been around since 2003, so moving that many blog posts from a database-based system to a markdown file-based system wasn’t easy. First I had to write some code to export each post
into a seperate markdown file, then handle some clean up of said posts, to make sure they all fit nicely in the new format.

Some reasons for this simply wanting to simplify things. As I said, this blog has been around since 2003, that’s a lot of years worth of posts. But I also wanted to just try something new.

So, let’s see how this goes :)