Original Link: http://www.garann.com/dev/2011/no-country-for-old-hackers/

Interesting read….

Who here would consider themselves an old hacker? Who’s here reading this because those words resonated? Some of you, I hope, or this might not make any sense. If you’re a web developer, calling yourself an old hacker is kind of ridiculous, in the scope of computer programming as a whole. But, relatively speaking, I think we all know what that means. It means you tested in Mosaic. It means you had the lecture about how there was no upgrade path for IE5/Mac and therefore we were going to have to support it until the end of time. It means you’ve been guilty of table-based layouts and you had your mind blown by “To Hell with Bad Browsers” and then again by AJAX. Or maybe it just means you remember the browser wars and found it difficult to trust $ over getElementById.