For some of you who may remember, there was a feature a few years ago on DBStract that let people receive notifications on their cell phones when new entries were made to their tables. The method used was one where you entered your phone number, and provider and it would send you an SMS-email message. It worked but it wasn’t a method I was happy with, and eventually removed it. Thanks to and their SMS gateway, we’ve now integrated a new solution to receiving SMS notifications. When you create or edit a table, you now have the option to select to received text messages when someone fills out a form on your site (or where ever you’ve placed a form). This works well for people on the go who still want to get notified when someone fills out a form, either for a support request, article submission, events, you name it. This is also the first of several new updates DBStract will be receiving in the new little while, which I’m pretty happy about.