Well, 2009 is almost over, and 2010 is almost beginning, and it’s been one of those years where you get a lot done, and learn a lot, and still want to learn more and do more.

  1. For starters, I’m involved in a new open source project that will be getting posted about very shortly. But essentially, it’s a simple blog system for when WordPress (I know, don’t kill me for saying this) is too big for the job at hand and you need something smaller. I’ll talk more about it later.
  2. DBStract is about a month from it’s new backend, and the users who are beta testing the new features have been quite happy with it.
  3. ProjectPiece is also not far from finally getting it’s next version, which will also have new features, and some interesting ideas implemented.
  4. Foodizu is growing and getting new recipes added by people, and it’s iPhone app will be launching in the new year.
  5. Some news about QuickPipe, but that will be coming with other announcements in the next month or so, so I’ll talk more about it then.
  6. I have a couple new wordpress plugins almost finished, that will be getting posted about as usual once they’re ready for release.
  7. Involved in planning a local WordCamp here in the Okanagan, but again, I’ll have more details about that shortly Otherwise, just want to wish everybody a happy new year, and look forward to seeing what 2010 brings to the table.