I’ve been over a week with my Amazon Kindle, and I’m enjoying it so far.

I like how it syncs between last page read on my iPhone app and the Kindle, if I decide to read someplace where I have to wait around and didn’t happen to carry the Kindle with me.


One thing I did, was I ordered the Amazon Kindle Leather Cover, which while I was waiting, I read some reviews on. As it turns out, it has a bad habit of possibly cracking your kindle if it’s handled incorrectly.

And when I opened the box and first put the Kindle in, I saw what they meant.


The Kindle is kept in place using a hinge mechanism, which is fine, but the problem is that it is located on the back cover. What this means, is that if the Kindle is ever not flat against the cover, then it can put pressure on the hinges and can lead to the Kindle getting cracks along the side. So, having read about this, and done some research, I grabbed some elastic from my wife’s sewing kit, and some superglue, and did a quick mod to the case. I cut two strips of elastic, and glued them to the upper right and lower right corners of the back cover of the case, so that when the Kindle is in the case, it also has its lose side in the elastics, providing extra support and keeping the Kindle flushed against the back cover.