My wife and I usually give each other an early christmas present.This year, I bought her a nice Tassimo coffee maker and various T-Disks to make with it.

And for her gift, she gave me a new Amazon Kindle, which I’ve been eyeing for sometime, and was quite happy when it made it’s jump into Canada. Thanks to having previously downloaded the Amazon for Kindle iPhone app, I already had several books to read on it, and the first thing I tried out once I got the kindle was buying the day’s issue for the Vancouver Sun.

There’s no images on the newspaper, but reading it was pretty interesting, including the “Clip an Article” feature. I’ve also tried out the mail a personal document to your kindle feature, and it’s pretty neat so far. Now I just have to catch up on my reading.

One thing to mention, I did buy a small LED light for it, but I didn’t get it from Amazon. The local walmart here had the same light that Amazon is advertising for 10 dollars cheaper than Amazon had it listed, so I grabbed it when we stopped in to get some pictures printed.

By the way, on another note, anybody with an iPhone who hasn’t already, should download and read (and watch), Level 26, it’s made by Anthony E. Zuiker, the guy who created the CSI series, and it’s a pretty interesting read.