Over the years, as I’ve built sites for clients, they’ve always wanted to edit just certain parts of the page. So as early as 7 years ago, I began using a simple CMS that has grown in ability and ease of use as I’ve done projects for clients. Today, I’m releasing the newest version of this CMS, which has been branded KudosCMS. KudosCMS is simply a very simple Content Management System, you add elements to your webpages and editors can then edit those elements.


This image pretty much shows how you add KudosCMS to your web pages. Again, useful for when you only want to edit certain pages, or edit certain parts of a page. Or when you have clients who want to edit content without changing the rest of the site, and don’t need a large Content Management System. Oh yeah, and to celebrate the launch of this new CMS, I’ve set up that you can get $10.00 off if you use the coupon code “twitter” :)