has been a work in progress of mine for the past 6 months or so, and I’ve seen it grow from a small cooking site to a site with nearly 200 members and over 4,000 recipes. So to build on this work in progress, I am pleased to talk about some new changes in the works. First of all, foodizu is getting a major facelift, and you will see that coming shortly. It’s a design that I’ve been working on for several months and happy with the result. Second, some new features include the ability to add blog posts so you can write about your cooking experiences as well as adding your recipes. The next new feature is that all users will receive a profile page that will list their recipes they have added, and blog posts they have made. I am also almost finished the mobile version of foodizu, where you can find recipes from anywhere. There are some other features in the works as well, but this seems like enough news for today.