Today I’m pleased to announce the release of FeedNews. FeedNews is a stand-alone pro version of newsPage. I’ve added a backend so you can set up topics and feeds for each topic, and you can also choose to make a feed display as a wide feed, this allows the display of thumbnails on feeds that have thumbnails included. You can specify feeds to display on the homepage, or let the script create an index of topics instead.

Topics are automatically handled as seperate pages, and you can also specify which topics will show feeds on the main page. Fully template driven, easy to maintain and change via the backend.

Each topic also features it’s own RSS feed, which takes the feeds for that topic and creates one unified feed to display on other sites. Other features to come soon include an ad system, and the ability to use google blog search to locate feeds. The script is for sale for $5.00, and includes updates and support.

View a Demo here View More info here