I’m going to start a new tradition today of doing at least a once weekly post of links I came across in my RSS reader lately.

  1. No-Fuss Video Conferencing Using Tinychat (Simeple, no-download, no-login chatroom featuring audio/video support and desktop sharing)
  2. There is NO SUCH THING as a Social Media Marketer (Interesting article from snipe.)
  3. How the Web and the Weblog have changed Writing (how writing itself has changed because of the availability of the Web and the Weblog)
  4. 12 Eye Catching Top Brand Websites to Boost your Creative Approach (not about blogging but interesting to track design trends)
  5. Review: 31 Days to a Better Blog Workbook (the first review of my workbook that I came across)
  6. 10 WordPress Plugins Guaranteed to Save You Time (a couple that I’d not seen before)
  7. JQuery HowTo: jQuery Beginner tutorials (Beginner tutorials for jQuery!)
  8. JQuery HowTo: jQuery Twitter API plugin(Interesting jQuery Twitter API Plugin!)
  9. [30 Sites Every Freelancer Should Visit and Utilize Freelance Folder](http://freelancefolder.com/30-sites-every-freelancer-should-visit-and-utilize/)
  10. [4 Ways To Ensure Your Article Will Never Go Viral. Tremendous News!](http://tremendousnews.com/2009/06/04/ways-to-ensure-your-article-will-never-go-viral/)
  11. 10 Essential SQL Tips for Developers – Nettuts+ (GREAT SQL RESOURCE – Tips for Devs)
  12. jQuery AJAX Tabs with ThickBox enabled (Great jQuery Tabs with ThickBox tutorial)
  13. 20 Developers to Follow on Twitter(Awesome developers to follow on twitter!)
  14. 15 jQuery Plugins to enhance your HTML form elements (Excellent jQuery plugins to enhance your forms!)
  15. [30 Must-Have Tweaks For Your Mac How-To Smashing Magazine](http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/06/04/30-must-have-tweaks-for-your-mac/) (Awesome tweaks for your Mac! SWEET!)
  16. 5 Clues to Determine Follower-Followee Twitter-Credibility « CarolAnnB – Insight, Philosophy, Social Media & More (are you worth following? read this to find out)
  17. [Animated Navigation Bar Using jQuery WebMuch](http://webmuch.com/animated-navigation-bar-using-jquery/) (Quick and easy navigation bar using jQuery!)
  18. Liquidicity » 50 Ways to Become a Better Designer (Great ways to become a better designer!)
  19. WordPress and WordPress MU to Merge (sounds like a useful development)
  20. Top Ten Myths about Google Analytics (from the Google Analytics Blog)
  21. Five Ways to Speed Up Page Response Times (because slow loading web pages suck)
  22. The #1 Conversion Killer in Your Copy (And How to Beat It) (wisdom from Sonia Simone at CopyBlogger)
  23. [Spoonfed SEO Guide For Blogger Users cheth Studios](http://chethstudios.blogspot.com/2009/06/spoonfed-seo-guide-for-blogger-users.html) (Quick and easy SEO guide for bloggers!!)
  24. 10 WordPress Tips to Make Your Blog Look Like a Website (just what the title says)
  25. 10 Golden Rules of Social Media (basics but good rules to work by)
  26. Gawker – Time Puts Twitter on Cover, at Vanguard of American Economy – twitter (Twitter makes Time cover! Kickass!) This list
    is long, and I’ll try to keep it at leat this long or longer every week, but I hope everyone enjoys reading them.