I thought I’d mention on here that I’ve recently started using OIOPublisher for some of my ads on a few of my sites. Why? Because I wanted to handle ad sales myself for those sites in question. I wanted to handle collecting ad payments myself and not have to lose money for commissions. Here are some Key Features this ad manager

  • OIO can be used as a standalone platform, or as a WordPress plugin
  • sell text ads, banner ads, in-content ads and paid reviews
  • sell custom items; from custom ads to digital downloads
  • entirely automated; purchases and expirations.
  • your own ad server; javascript output lets you display ads on any website
  • break ads into zones; display ads easily over multiple sites
  • click and impression tracking; weekly ad reports emailed to advertisers
  • no empty ad slots; show your own default ads until slots are purchased
  • ad status management; approve / reject / expire / renew / validate ads
  • setup your own affiliate program; reward people for selling your ads
  • easily extend functionality; modules let developers go further
  • integrated marketplace; let us help you advertise your ads I looked around first, before making the purchase and decided to go with OIO.

There were quite a few features that sold me on this ad manager. When you download OIO Publisher, you’ll receive a WordPress plugin and be able to get an API key for each blog you want to use it on.

The plugin will create an OIO Publisher tab in your dashboard where you can manage your blogs advertisements (designate how many links, paid reviews, inline ads, banners, or custom advertising your blog will have available), create and manage an affiliate program for products or services on your blog from your dashboard, and even see statistics regarding your advertisements! Possibly my favorite feature of this plugin is that you can even set the plugin to send weekly reports to your advertisers or place your statistical information into their marketplace.

The best part about this premium plugin is that it will just about manage everything for you for a one-time fee of $47.00 (see below for a coupon link).

Once purchased, you then have access to use the plugin on as many blogs as you would like, as well as get access to their downloadable sales platform, marketplace, and all of the other features mentioned above! You also get free updates each time the plugin is updated.

I also like that you can use your one-time copy of OIOPublisher on any website you own. So you buy one copy and you can use that copy across all your sites or blogs. OIOPublisher normally sells for $47 dollars, but I have a coupon for $8 dollars off for the month of May, So that will get you OIOPublisher for $39 dollars.

Click here for $8 dollars off